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Apartments houses in Warsaw

Jak możemy pomóc ? -How can we help ?

Jak możemy pomóc ? Sounds like this strange , difficult Polish ?

Yes indeed - it means - how can we help ?
We put up this question bcs we really like to help you in any task wich concerns real estate rental , purchase or sale.
AMWA MS can advice on location , prices , side costs , dangers , legal aspects and technical issues ...
We await a description of your needs and requirements , the sine qua nons - details to the number of needed rooms , bathrooms , double or single garage , furnished , unfurnished or semi furnished etc etc ...
A house or a flat versus location , distance, school for your children and finally price...many factors and many answers , many details - we shall try to give an answer to all these questions before we offer you a site ! We are not trying to " sell " anything at hand what we have right at the moment - we shall search for best location and try to give an answer to your needs. A "tailor cut" offer !
Give us details and cooperation and we shall be with you all the way to finalisation.
Beware of nice looking pix published by real estate portals and other pages of that kind- in many cases such may be "traps" ie. false offers of sites which either do not exist or are not " actual ' anymore...!
There are thousands of offers in Warsaw but in fact only a hanful of them is residentially " usable " to foreigners.
Warsaw is not Paris or London - its a city with a difficult history,hasty process of reconstruction ,redevelopment and new urbanistic rise in recent years . But AMWA MS has the facts and is well your service !
We are looking forward to your enquiry ! Thank you . Marek Skrzydelski AMWA MS.
Tel.0048 602 538 323 , 0048 22 617 67 65 , e-mail :