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Apartments houses in Warsaw


Hello again Dear Customer !

As we have mentioned in The Company section AMWA MS is present on the real estate market of Warsaw since 1995.
We are well informed on trends,locations , prices and law requirements thru practice and real action - we keep links to our-past customers,owners of good residential locations in best residential wards and also to our colleagues in trade - we have a wide information base.AMWA MS is able to send you back offers and info within few hours on your special enquiry ! AMWA MS has experience in dealing with foreign customers - we speak English and German and we are aware of your requirements -  we can also offer help in technical issues concerned such as redoing of sites,refurbishment,repainting,transport,communication.We are good in negotiating ! . Since 2015 we also broker sale/ purchase of Spanish real estate , properities such as apartments and houses in Costa Blanca region / coast / of Spain thru cooperation with the Assocc.of ten best development companies of the region ,south and north of Alicante.We offer " factory prices " of brand new sites and organisation of viewing trips to the region.If you are interested in the sunny Spain locations call us too ! Tel.0048 602 538 323,0048 22 617 67 65, e-mail : .Thank you ! Marek Skrzydelski AMWA MS.